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Tell us what you have in mind for your kitchen designs and we will do the rest.

Archwood Homes is a local Twin Cities and Southwest suburbs kitchen renovation and remodeling company. 

Let’s make the kitchen your family’s favorite room in your home.

Not only does a kitchen remodel increase the value of your house but also it will add convenience to your daily life.

We join with you in a partnership to create a beautiful new kitchen. Archwood Homes professionals take care of every aspect of the remodel from plumbing to cabinetry.

Our process is: Start with a free estimate. We listen to you about what you want in your kitchen.

1) A plan of the proposed remodel is created. You get to see your kitchen completed before any work is done.

2) You will choose the types of materials needed for your project and we will complete the measurements and prep work. Communication is key and in this step we will introduce the kitchen crew members the client.

3) We will also make sure that our team understands the project and all the details you have chosen.

4) No surprises or hassles! Your kitchen remodel will be completed in a timely manner with an agreed upon timeline. There will be constant open communication throughout the entire remodeling process to ensure satisfaction at every step.

Archwood Homes specializes in every detail from flooring and tiling to cabinets and countertops and every other aspect of building the perfect kitchen.

Contact us today for the best craftsmanship and quality materials for remodeling your kitchen.

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